I’ve been teaching myself to keep things to myself and to learn how to handle my emotions on my own without having to put that sort of pressure or burden on people, and it’s been working out.

However, this means that I don’t really let myself talk to people or show my appreciation for them. It’s a kind of wall I guess? Anyway, the point is that I’m really happy I have the people I do in my life. My best friends mean the absolute world to me and if it weren’t for them I might not have made the progress I have. They understand, they’re not looking to fix me, and they know that I need time to myself.

And there’s a few I don’t really talk to or see much but I know I can count on them for anything without hesitation.

I’m just really grateful that they’ve stuck by me for so long.

I’m through defending people or making excuses for them. I don’t need shitty people in my life anymore.